Saturday, 11 April 2015


I watched a video to make this kitty but I am linking you to ravelry for a written pattern. I did not understand patterns for the longest time so I watched videos. Did you know that there is basically no left handed videos to crochet out there the video for this was right handed. You can find it on you-tube if you want it.

Link -

This is a link to a different cat but it looks a little cuter it tail is not as weird


I made this when I was visiting my family at the colony. When we visit there I never have anything to do so I figured that I would bring a project along with me. I changed it a bit by adding bottom legs to him because the pattern had none. I found this pattern in the crocheting for dummies book 2nd edition. But I figured I give you some links to other doggy patterns that are cute to.


Thursday, 9 April 2015


The eyes are really creepy aren't they, I am not good at the eyes. I think the pattern had beads on white felt. I also used brown pipe cleaners for my arms instead of crocheting my arms. If the eyes were not so scary it would look kind of cute. He also has not eyebrows I completely forgot them.

Link -

Peaked Hat

Peaked Hat
This was my first big project it took me a week and a half because I was being lazy I would work on it for a bit then I would stop then again do a bit then stop. I need to work on my gauge a bit, mine fit nicely but I made one for my grandma and I had done my single crochets on the bottom a little to tightly. I think I will just stick to Amigurumi.

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Crochet Potted cactus

This was my first crochet project it did not turn out that well put when I look at it now I know that I had not done my single crochets tight enough. Its still kind of cute though and if I made one now it would look better.

Link to youtube video -

It is about 55 minutes long and there is a little stop motion thing she made at the start of the video it is kind of cute.
Hello, I just started to crochet a few months ago, for some reason I wished that I could share the patterns that I found on-line free in one place.