Friday, 12 June 2015

Strawberry Drawstring bag

This is a cute little strawberry bag Mine is a lot smaller than the pattern said because I used some cheap thin yarn to make it.Click this link to go to the pattern of ravelry Pattern.

I have not made this yet but I found another cute strawberry pattern. It is for a bookmark. P.s it is in polish and English.


I had finished yoshi parts a while ago but I was being lazy and did not really want to put them together. It took me a bit but eventually I put it together I was listening to the hobbit audio book ha man it was weird. I changed the pattern a little but by making the arms movable it was a little bit difficult to work with because I have never done anything like this before. I ended up using a buttons to make the movable arms.

Link to button joints how to

The arms I had to decrease one more time and shut it. The shoes kind of ended up looking a little but weird but I think that I made them wrong.

Cat Ears

As you may have noticed I love cats they are my favorite animal. I was thinking I would love to make myself ears. So I looked around online for a pattern so I made myself some. I purchased some cheap headbands from my local dollar-store. Then I made them the pattern said to use this fluffy yarn but i just used worsted weight yarn. It was really easy to make I just made a chain that was the same length as the headband, then I did as many rows as I needed for the band. I then slip stitched it together now this was the hard part I had to but it inside out so I used a safety pin pinned to one side and pulled it though it. Then I made the ears and sewed them on then I used pink to make inner ear part.

Link -

Kitty Mug cozy

I know that it has no eyes it is kind of creepy actually. This was really simple to make all you need black yarn some white yarn and some pink fabric or pink yarn to make the ears and nose if you do not have fabric. And you need buttons for the eyes, mine which I do not know were mine are . . . It is still really cute.

Link to video: