Friday, 24 July 2015

Cog Tags

Cog Tag

Grey Yarn
Crochet hook (I used H)
Yarn Needle

Stitches Used:
Single Crochet
Slip Stitch

Cog A:
Rnd 1: Chain 7 slip stitch together
Rnd 2: Single crochet into the circle until you get around slip stitch to first sc.
Rnd 3: Sc 2, ch 1 turn sc 2, ch 1 turn sc 2, work down side of it *sc 1, ch 1, sc 1 chain 1 turn sc 2(1 in sc one in ch), ch 1 turn sc 2 work down side* repeat till you are around.

Sorry about Rnd 3 being so confusing I made this before I went to sleep so I was tired and I do not remember how I did it. I used this cog as a reference to make it Here

Cog B:
Made relatively the same the same at the start put you chain 3 and work down the chain slip stitch to middle and work around

Chain until you can fit it around your head nicely and then slip stitch it together then you can stitch it more together further and maybe knot the 2 yarn pieces together and cut them.

Putting Together:
You could just make a circle to put the gear on by chaining around 10 and having it on there and stitch it together. Or you could just have it on the Necklace without the round piece on it.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Penguin Case

 Meow it so cute I found this while looking for a penguin pillow I found this I was hey I could make that... maybe. So it on my secondary computer.... then it fudged up I then lost all my scrap-booked info. So then I tried to find it again a few months later I looked and looked and could not find it I looked up case in general, case for E-reader, and case for tablet I could not find it... I almost gave up then I remembered that I was looking for the pillow. I found it and was surprised when I found out the pattern was for a net-book, I made it for my mothers tablet. You could make this for anything an E-reader, cellphone, or tablet.

Penguin Case


 My Minions I made three of these and they were the adorable and people loved them. I used this minion pattern as base, I changed it up a bit I made one with a fake pocket. I also made the one with removable goggles   it was easy to do. I am at one point going to make the Frenchie maid minion.