Friday, 6 November 2015

Navi Fairy Bookmark (legend of zelda)

Materials Needed
small amount of white and whatever you want the body color to be
yarn needle
crochet hook
bead (optional)

1- 6 sc in magic ring
2- inc around
change to white or whatever color you are doing the wings
3- ch 6, sc into the second ch from hook, hdc in next 4, slip stitch to body
4- repeat 3 making another wing
*If you wanted to you could put another set of wings on the other side and make it look like it is facing you I just did it as a side view because it was easier.*
Now you can add your body color or whatever color you like onto it under the wing a little bit. Then you can chain as much as you want to get to the length you want. You can add a bead at the end of make tassel for it whatever you want to do.
Heres a site that can show you how to do a tassel on a bookmark just look under the pattern.

Mine I did as Navi but you can do it what ever color you want here are some ideas



Pink Fairy
Neri, Ciela, and Leaf